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Pokémon Franz Anthony.
Check out the artist’s Tumblr.


Pokémon Reorchestrated.
by Franz Anthony.

Check out the artist’s Tumblr.

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"only Nigeria has a larger Black population than Brazil"

yet when you hear “Brazilian”, is this who you think of?


When George W. Bush was president, he asked Brazil’s president, “Do you have blacks, too?” Brazil’s president was shocked to hear it and Condoleeza Rice interfered, informing Bush that Brazil was the country with the largest black population outside Africa. [x]

"Do you have blacks" like we’re pets or an infestation

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I’m the only person in the world who hasn’t seen frozen



not interested in seeing it either

same thought about letting my daughter watch it but still nah

haven’t seen it as that intresting

i also haven’t seen it

don’t plan to

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itschel-uh-see-deactivated20140 asked: You're an ex fat boy and got the nerve to be choosing on here lmao nigga you are a four but want a girl that's at least an 8





  1. You either forgot to click anon or some lame nigga made you his woman crush Wednesday and you feeling ya self. Either way, you got me fucked up.
  2. How is being an ex fat boy even an insult? “You the type to live healthier and lose weight ass nigga” You sound dumber than you look.
  3. Whenever somebody call me ugly, my first reaction is to see what they look like. Only, like most ugly people, no tagged/me all you have to go by is this Avi. This dusty ass blank South Pole ass baseball jersey and that tight ass TJ Maxx polo cap you goofy ass Lil Bill dressed ass bitch.
  4. I even looked in ya archive. Nothing but basic bitch posts that you reblogged from other basic bitches. Every post you’ve ever conceived has 0-10 notes, you can’t even manage 11. Now I know notes ain’t everything, but when you look at it as I have pictures, of me, as in my face, with more notes than everything on this site that you are responsible for, that’s crazy. I mean, those come directly from your brain, you telling me, you can’t muster up enough IQ to get more notes than the face of a ex fat nigga who is a 4 in the face? That tight ass clearance cap cutting off ya the blood to ya brain. 
  5. Wait I found a picture of, guess how many notes you got. Yep. Zero




awww damn

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Throwback Thursday! These are from way back in 2008. They were drawn by Karl Kerschl, (characters) inked by Serge LaPointe, and colored/painted by me. It was a time consuming, but very rewarding gig. Hope you dig ‘em!

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Anonymous asked: How do dick pics make u feel?



This is the fucking funniest thing I have ever seen omfg.

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imsobossybitchgetoffme death is a fundamental pleasure and enigma. To not relish in the pain, suffering of lifes final moments only only stiffles our inner desires. You can’t experience life without understating death just as the sun rises after the moon. Remember darkness came first before light.

well alright then 

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He used the wrong


Faces of death

He dead. So is the person who told him to do it.





He used the wrong


Faces of death

He dead. So is the person who told him to do it.

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"You havin fun? I am", somebody get their grandma!!!!



no one gon say nothing bout how ashy granny’s legs are

I love when people get they ass beat and still say somethin

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Captain America Deleted Scene: Bucky at War

#hey ho lemme whisper at you a thing    #bucky did not want to go to war    #steve did    #bucky realized that steve needed him at home more than the world needed him at war    #but the world never sees things that way    #so he was drafted    #but because steve tried so hard time and again to enlist    #he couldn’t tell that scrappy little punk he hadn’t joined up voluntarily because it would crush him    #so he lied    #and it’s one of those lies he tells steve    #because he has to lie to protect him    #and he goes overseas because running away isn’t an option because steve would never run with him and would never forgive him for running    #even if he’d do it so that steve always had someone to look out for him    #and from the minute he steps foot on the battlegrounds    #he’s afraid    #because steve wanted this and all he can think is how he’s not sure he can survive it    #so how could that little pipsqueak who weighed 90lbs soaking wet survive over here    #and the deeper he gets    #the more he sees    #the more he’s afraid he won’t make it home    #and he never found someone to look after steve    #and who’s going to take care of him now?    #the cocky kid from brooklyn can kick a bully’s ass for picking on the little guy no problem    #but how do you kick the ass of an unstoppable force?    #the closer and closer he gets to the thick of things    #the more he worries    #because steve is going to be alone in the world  #and he made a promise #he promised him ‘til the end of the line’ but their lines were supposed to end together #not like this #and when he’s captured with the 107th bucky’s first thought and last lucid thoughts are for steve #and he finds himself praying to a god he stopped believing in a long time ago and lost even more faith in when he got to the war #praying that if he’d done any good in his life that it be enough to ask one favour #that god send someone to look after steve when he’s gone #becuse he’s not going home and the punk needs someone to watch over him

And now I have to watch this movie

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another another tags to type and post the tag that comes up

she, he, they, im, yea, well, if, ok

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